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the honeymoon

the honeymoon

Part 1: Ubud, Bali

Ubud, Bali is a paradise that almost feels like a living fantasy, one of those places you’d plan to visit on your honeymoon for a day and well, you end up spending a lifetime! Ubud’s splendid beauty presents itself in many forms, from towering volcanoes to exotic temples, rich wildlife, and pristine jungles to mesmerizing sunset not forgetting classy and breath-taking hotels. We made our stop at Four Seasons and our time there was unforgettable.

This’s a great place for adventure and a honeymoon here created shared reminiscence in us to last for a lifetime. This enchanting destination has a lot to offer among them the rice fields that surround the magnificent land.

The following romantic activities took us through secluded bliss to trust-building activities and made our honeymoon time worthwhile.

Top things to do in Ubud

          I.            Sacred monkey forest sanctuary - nestled amongst some awesome rice paddies and past the Ubud palace lays a cool hidden sanctuary you’ll never see anywhere else.  Visiting monkey forest is a must on all Ubud itineraries. This is a Hindu temple and nature that’s well reserved to demonstrate amazing co-existence of human and nature.

 It’s just lovely to walk around the jungle and waterfalls. Watching hundreds of cute monkeys surely made our day. A take away for your visit here; the area is surrounded by temples and it’s considered sacred. Be sure to dress decently to avoid offending anyone.

        II.            Tegallalang rice terrace- you’ll be interested to know that apart from being staple food, rice in Bali is considered as a gift from gods. Tegallalang is one of the most spectacular paddies we witnessed with beautiful wave-like layers and a gorgeous panoramic view.

      III.            Holy water temple-Tirta Empul- we  experienced a tradition that has been passed through generations and unchanged up-to-date! Tirta Empul’s sacred springs are believed to have been brought to existence by god Indra and the water is said to possess curative properties!

 We joined other tourists and worshipers to marvel at the beauty it offers and bathe in refreshing blessed water.

     IV.            Watch a Barong dance- dances are a significant ancient practice in both religion and culture of the Balinese. Hand gestures and body movements tell a story, what makes the dance more interesting is the fact that, it’s not designed for tourists but genuine ritualistic dance dramas.

      V.            A dinner at Kubu at Mandapa restaurant- soothing sound of water and a tropical breeze set a romantic mood for an intimate dinner and the culinary experience is on the highest level. The food and drinks are to die for and the ambiance is outstanding!


Part 2: Manafaru Island, Maldives

Maldives could be synonymous with utmost luxury and relaxation. Surrounded by super white beaches, infinity pools galore and incredible blue water Manafaru Island has the best to offer.  Our stay at JA Manafaru was equally amazing; the restaurants were great, the food was delicious and the customer service was superb! This’s literally the ultimate destination for honeymoon!  We were in for an adventure, Maldives had a full-store surprise of just that for us.

Top things to do in Manafaru

        I.            Spend some time at the swimming pool- we spent part of our day lazing around a large infinity pool in JA manafaru. The pool which is built above the ocean  certainly gave us some awesome memorable moments.

       II.            Go for scuba diving - Maldives is known to be the best year-around top destination for diving and of course the snorkelling and diving is all about exploring and witnessing stunning coral reefs. We had a chance to enjoy scuba diving and the experience was out of this world.

     III.            Take a walk- travelling from miles away, it would be unfortunate not to marvel at crystal clear blue ocean and lovely white sand beaches which encircles the whole island. We fancied  having a romantic walk, and there were countless paths signposted which weaved via the jungle to restaurants, pools and other points of interest.

A helpful tip; you should note that Maldives though a great place is highly expensive since everything is imported into the island. A burger alone goes for about $ 50! So, load yourselves with enough cash before heading there.



the wedding

the wedding