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Africa!? Yes, Please! For those of you that have been following my Instagram account, you’ll know that last December I had gifted my husband a trip to Morocco for his Christmas/Birthday. For the past three years, we’ve created a tradition  of going on trips for his birthday. The year prior we visited Thailand (sidenote: one of if not my favorite country we’ve visited thus far) and Australia for his 30th.

Along on this adventure, my hyperactive little sister, Leslie had join the tribe! She recently graduated from Grad school and what better way to celebrate? I took handle on all logistics and research to ensure the squad had the best time while in Morocco!

First Day

Accommodation: Checked into the beautiful boutique hotel in the Medina, Riad BE. Ask them to collect you at the airport to save the hassle and confusion as there isn’t much of a public transportation rather than buses. The location of this Riad (Moroccan style hotel) is serene and Moroccan style- seriously got some major inspo home décor.

Lunch: Terrance Des Espices rooftop. This is where we were introduced to our first Tagine! Tagine is a Maghrebi dish which is named after the earthenware pot in which it is cooked. I think from this point forward into our trip we want to try every tagine dish Morocoo had to offer. I recommend having reservations at this location as it is quite busy. They have great drinks and a DJ playing some music while you dine.

Dinner: Comptoir Darna. The vibes & energy was amazing at this restaurant, plus the dancers were super interactive with the guests that made the experience so much fun. We went on a Sunday night and it was a packed house. Great drinks, energy, and service. Reservations required.

Tips: Have the host at the hotel give you a ran down the Medina. Best places to eat, change currencies (we changed money inside the medina vs the airport), and tips and tricks on how to get around.

Second Day

Activities: We took a personal tour guide to walk us through the souks, since you can easily get lost roaming through the alleys. This was such a great decision! We got our guide from our hotel since they work with several contractors. He walked us through the Medina and strongly advised us to stray away from taking any photos when you’re in the square (I learned my lesson), they will charge you for any photos that are taken.

Otherwise, we bought some beautiful scarfs, beauty products- ladies Aragon oil handmade!, and home décor (rugs, candles, paintings, etc.) Please make sure you have room in your luggage beforehand if you anticipate in buying while you’re in Marrakech.

Tips: Always negotiate! You’ll be surprise how much you can knock down the vendor prices, don’t settle.

Dinner: Azar. If you have a love and appreciation for luxurious hookahs, this is the place for you. They have the most insane hookah sitting in a bucket of ice with a pineapple head and amazing favors to go with it. Also their chicken tagine was my absolute favorite meal in Morocco. Reservations required

Third & Fourth Day

Accommodation: Scarabeo Desert Camp Marrakesh luxury camping at it’s finest!

Activities: Have the folks from Scarabeo Desert Camp Marrakesh pick you up and take you the camp which is about 45 minutes our of Marrakech. Spend the day there – riding 4-wheelers, riding camels, and even riding a donkey if you feel so inclined. This luxury “glamping” spot is perfect if you have more time to spend a night and see the desert stars. With 5 days it’s cool to make a day trip.

Fifth Day

Accommodation: Riad Adore. We decided to stay at this beautiful pictureque Riad for our last night in Marrakech. The customer service is superb during our stay and the breakfast (which was included) was by far our favorite meal.

Activities: We headed back into the medina close to 11-12 pm and had the rest of the day to finish off some sightseeing and a little pampering. We decided to walk from our riad heading to La Mammounia for our Hamman appointment. We stopped at the Majorelle Gardens, mosque, and into La Mammounia which is a spectacular resort. This is my top recommendation for all my honeymooners or those what would love to have a relaxed/luxurious stay. Our hammams was coupled with an hour massage, which is all we need after our camping trip.

Lunch: Le Salama. After our spa appointment we headed over to Le Salama Sky Bar for lunch, Leslie and Cisco went for the chicken tagine (again!) and I had some Moroccan pastries to satisfy my sugar cravings. I swear, I was obsessed with Moroccan baked goods.

Dinner: Barometre. Now this was the perfect ending to our stay! We decided to go for a speakeasy bar with great drinks to bring in Leslie’s birthday with delicious food, spicy drinks, and great company! You’ll fall in love with all of their creative drinks

Tips: We had a designated cab driver everywhere we went. He would pick us up for dinner and again in the night when we were ready to go back to our hotel. This made our vacation stay seamless and having less to worry about when getting around.



the honeymoon

the honeymoon